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Do you want more time for family, friends & fun? Less guilt about wanting and enjoying career success? More “me time” at the end of the day? I’m a working mom/ coach who wants to be present and purposeful in everything I do. I blog, coach and research the latest thinking, tools & technology for living a balanced life.

For me, work life balance is not a juggling act. It’s about putting things down and holding on to what’s most important. If you want to be a present, purposeful & productive mamma, read my work life balance and time management blog.

Time management blog about work life balance, productivity, personal development and personal growth, for working moms, parents and career women. 

Jacqui O’Bree offers Life Coaching, a Time Management blog, a Time Management Course and a Build Your Confidence Course. Her services include online courses and online training for personal development & personal growth.